Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Danube Blues

Well, I had me a day make me hang my head an’ cry.
Oh yeah, I had me one o’ them days, ain’t nuthin’ you can do but cry,
Gonna get myself a whiskey, drink till I’m bone dry.

So I head out to the bar, but somethin’ just ain’t right,
I said I get me on into that bar, but I know there’s somethin’ just ain’t right,
Ain’t no hard luck, stone broke, blind man singer in sight.

They got this big brass band there, playin’ up a pile o’ Strauss,
There’s this big ol’ honkin’ band there, playin’ oh you know it’s gotta be Strauss,
Johann, Josef, and Johann Junior in da house.

Well you ain’t gonna get me out there on that floor,
I said you ain’t never gonna get me out there on that dancin’ floor,
Ever since my woman left me, I ain’t gonna dance no more.

Oh I never saw what hit me, but now I’m spinnin’ round and round,
I said the very next thing I know this here waltz has got me dancin’ round,
And it’s got my bad mood just a-packin’ right outta town.

Well now, I can’t frown when I put on my dancin’ shoes,
Oh no, I just can’t frown at all when I put on them dancin’ shoes,
Well don’t blame me none—I got the waltzin’ Danube Blues,
Yessir, I got them everlovin’ fancy-turnin’ giddy-waltzin’
           Danu-u-u-u-u-u-ube… Blues.

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