Saturday, March 14, 2020

Ghazal: In Solitude

What do you think you will find in solitude?
We are never so close as we are in solitude.

10:30, the hordes descend upon recess,
And I bid farewell to what could have been solitude.

Lost in the rustling hustle of a crowd,
Bustling anonymity meets its twin: solitude.

Semi-quarantine keeps the virus at bay.
This is what it takes for us to begin solitude.

The blessing of human contact shoved aside
To buy the toilet paper we’ll hoard in solitude.

Guru teaches us the price of our greatness:
To reach our potential, first we must win solitude.

The breath of inspiration flows from silence.
Creation springs up primordially in solitude.

In deepest stillness, find the universe’s
Constant companionship that underpins solitude.

Expanding, multitudinous Unity,
And at last I meet Tandava, here in solitude.

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