Monday, April 20, 2020


“Joyful submission, indeed, is the way to pay off
one’s karmic debts without incurring any new ones.”
—Swami Kriyananda,
The Promise of Immortality

Do we have any choice but
to submit to the will of God?
What else can possibly happen?
But within our submission itself is a choice:
a choice between giving up—and offering up.

I respectfully submit my résumé,
which will thoroughly enumerate
my more than adequate qualifications
for anything You might throw at me,
as well as my clear promotional potential.

I submit to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury
Exhibits A through Infinity, demonstrating,
beyond a shadow of a doubt, the fact
that it is our very trials that have given us
the strength to become who we are today.

I submit myself, joyfully, to every opportunity.

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