Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Nine Ways of Looking at a Pebble

after Wallace Stevens

A pebble on a beach:
one galaxy among many,
in a universe of sand.

What do you see under your feet?
The gravel, or the quartz?

A pebble on the ground
is a rock.
A pebble in a sling
is the fall of a mighty warrior.

The eye of the mountain
watches each of us
through the pebble.

Within each seed
lies hidden the mighty oak
of a boulder.

Infinite shades of gray
in an infinitesimal space.

the ultimate egalitarian,
reduces us all,
in the end,
to pebbles.

Fully present in every moment,
I am held in complete awareness
by the mere existence of a pebble
beneath a thousand mattresses.

From what mountain,
what lofty peak,
has this pebble fallen?
From what heights
has my own soul

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