Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The End

First impressions are important, just a glance
may reveal of what character is your heart,
or how confident your stride — and now the dance
will start.

The middle portion, either, is not to be neglected,
as attention can sometimes be hard to hold.
Your partner should feel her steps directed.
Be bold,

but not overly so. Comfort is the key
that lets the world fall away into the night,
until you both, and the music, may as well be
in flight.

Still, all of this is minor, for no matter
if three minutes of your life are lost
to apologetic smiles, feet that get scattered
and crossed,

if at the end it all comes right.
Those final moments are the ones that reign,
that, if perfected, in memory might

For you’ll find the sweetness you’re intending
not in flashy tricks or blatant flair,
but on your mutual, intimate attending
to closing steps uttered like a prayer
to the perfect inevitability of an ending,


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