Monday, April 23, 2018

Give and Take

The Lord giveth,
and the Lord taketh away.
And occasionally the Lord hideth things
in extremely sneaky ways.
One might even wonder-eth
whether His memory
is-eth quite what
it used-eth to be.

What the Lord giveth,
I taketh, and what He taketh,
I let-eth Him have back.
And it seems-eth the things I have lost-eth
might-eth perhaps have been-eth
not quite so good for
me to have had-eth
in the first place.

And the things that I have-eth,
(that He gave-eth and I took-eth)
often are-eth
the things that I wanted-eth not.
Or so I thinketh-ed before,
but now they appear-eth
to be-eth what
I needed-eth most.

And so when He hideth
the things that I seeketh,
I’ll stop-eth and thinketh
before I complaineth,
and maybe assumeth
that the Lord knoweth
rather more (don’t laugheth!)
than I do-eth.

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