Friday, April 11, 2014

Battle Hymn of the Opticals

Mine eyes have known the glory that is 20/20 sight,
They could pick out every maple leaf and every traffic light,
But astigmatism came back in the face of LASIK’s might,
So I’m putting glasses on.

Glory, glory, I can see ya,
Glory, glory, I can see ya,
Glory, glory, I can see ya,
When I put my glasses on.

No more will I feel headaches from the bright computer’s glare,
No longer feel the strain of squinting at my book of prayers,
Mine eyes will now recover from their feel of wear and tear,
I’m putting glasses on.


So when you see me coming you can grin and shout “Hooray!”
For you know I’ll recognize you and you will not have to say,
That your name is Billy Joe Bob and we just met yesterday,
For I’ve got my glasses on.


1 comment:

  1. A kingdom for my opticals!
    I love how you play with words.