Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transmission 314.27a


Ongoing study of human customs and rituals.


1. APARTMENT BUILDING: Large, segmented structure providing living quarters to multiple humans.

2. APARTMENT: An individual segment of item [1]. So designated due to its function in keeping residents "apart" from one another.

3. MAILBOX: Receptacle for paper items. Often arranged in an array external but adjacent to instances of item [1]. In spite of designation, appears to be used equally by both genders.


1. That a single, non-resident human will regularly arrive at an APARTMENT BUILDING and fill an array of MAILBOXES with large amounts of paper.

2. That this occurs no more than six days out of every seven.

3. That this human will then depart.

4. That residents of the APARTMENTS will arrive singly or in small groups throughout the day.

5. That each resident will visit a single MAILBOX and remove its contents.

6. That these contents are placed directly in a secondary receptacle, adjacent to the array of MAILBOXES.

7. That this secondary receptacle is periodically emptied into a third, larger receptacle, which is later removed off-site. [This to be the subject of future observations.]

8. That both secondary and tertiary receptacles are visible and accessible to, yet ignored by, the non-resident human from observation [1].


a. The luxury of inefficiency and waste is an indicator of human social status.

b. Paper is imbued with a pleasurable but short-lived pheromone detectable only by humans.

c. None at this time.

d. All of the above.

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