Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Everything I Know

Or: A Solipsist Creates the Universe

When I
was born,
the universe
was small,
vaguely hazy.

As it gradually expanded,
I tracked every change,
eyes, ears missing nothing,
senses etched into memory.

I know everything there is to know,
as clearly evidenced by the fact that
I cannot tell you anything I don’t
know. Is my knowledge accurate? Certainly. Why
would I believe anything that wasn’t true?

But the universe of existent facts continues to expand.
I create new ones every day, fashioning them from
books, from my senses, and occasionally with help from
various people—professors, scientists, etc.—whose work I oversee.
Creation occurs in two stages: first as something to be
known, and then secondarily achieving full manifestation into known reality.

I do not know when this expansion—of reality, of awareness—will end,
and therefore I can tell you for a fact that it will not.

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