Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things I Have Replaced So Far This Month

Everything seems to be falling apart.
You want a list? Well, here’s a start:

The water heater sprung a leak.
A plumber fixed that just last week.

The public toilet also cracked,
so he did that too, and then went back.

A printer for receipts had lost
a crucial part, so it was tossed.

Two overhead fluorescent lights
impersonated gloomy nights.

The new A/C at least was meant
to be replaced, and so it went.

My laptop went insane before it died;
I couldn’t revive it, however I tried.

New MacBooks have no CD drive;
the SuperDrive broke when it arrived.

My router took its wireless cue,
and did the worst that it could do.

The one at work took up the theme,
and now is turning slightly green.

My apartment had its pipes replaced.
The walls are finally now refaced.

My LASIK-ed eyes of perfect glance,
Again need extra assistánce.

I’d like to swap my guitar strings…
But if things ain’t broke, then don’t fix things!

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