Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Time a Cold Had Me

I thought I had a cold, and so
the doctor came to see.
“A most unusual case,” he said—
it seemed the cold had me!

The cold, of course, was quite upset
and didn’t know what to do.
(I’m sure your cold would feel the same
if it contracted you.)

It missed its runny nose, its cough,
its itchy, scratchy throat.
All I could give was sympathy,
alas, no antidote!

It was annoyed that it could sing
and hit the notes aright,
and walk unchilled in misty dawns,
and breathe in ways polite.

And so it suffered through the week,
til Nature ran its course,
and gradually I left it, once more
snotty, dull and hoarse.

I haven’t seen my cold since then.
I wish it well, I do.
I hope it takes its vitamins,
and doesn’t catch a you!

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