Thursday, April 11, 2019

where the light goes

[inspired by the first ever photograph of a black hole.]

our eyes constantly seek the light
in our ever-ravening hunger for vision
we have fashioned of the very planet
one great, solitary eye
landmasses of retinas lifting and
reaching through volcanoes,
staring unblinking from deserts,
cliffs of ice, all fused into a single
optic nerve shimmering with data

but the eye gazing back at us
this dark pupil lures light to itself
endless galaxies of moths
yearning for their next
conflagration of consummation
in a flame that burns
beyond sight itself,
star streams immense beyond reason
fluttering, swirling, vanishing

and somewhere
traveling through that light
is the image of our planet
at every moment since its creation
the image of our own eyes
gazing in wonder,
called, captivated, absorbed
into the final transcendence
even of light

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