Friday, May 10, 2019

Ashland Theater Festival: A Polyptych of Rubaiyat

Mother Road
If you can swear, then you can be a Joad,
a Mexican, or any other mode
of human being struggling in this world.
We’re all the same along the Mother Road.

Buy Ultra-Clutch! The hairspray that maintains
your follicles but not the ugly stains
of racism and body shaming that
still plague this world. Go dance for social gains!

As You Like It
Right from the start, an incoherence of voices,
the music, costumes, set, and casting choices—
none of it was as any of us liked,
and only when it’s done the crowd rejoices.

Between Two Knees
A slapstick massacre—this is the play
to go to if you think you can repay
horrific genocide with guilty laughter.
So long to all you white folks! Go away!