Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Bhagavad Gita Rubaiyat, Part XXIX

From the Divine seek all that you desire,
And offer up your energy entire
Into that Source from which all power comes,
To find there all your heart will e’er require.

All creatures live by food, by rain, by sun,
And so since the Beginning they have done.
Trace back this power of Life within yourself!
Complete the ring that makes Creation one!

Arjuna asked: What is that fearsome power
That plagues mankind from birth to final hour,
Impels us to do wrong against our will,
And all our good intentions does devour?

Desire it is, the Lord Krishna replied,
And anger at desire unsatisfied—
Desire and anger, those twin enemies,
Keep mankind’s will unto delusion tied.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Bhagavad Gita Rubaiyat, Part XXVIII

Arjuna, who has tamed the monkey mind,
Whose spine straight as an arrow is aligned,
Then called upon his Divine charioteer,
A call of love uplifted and refined.

O Changeless Krishna! come and ride with me
Between the armies, where we thus may see
What foes these are with whom I must contend,
Who take sides with delusion willingly.

And there upon the battlefield appeared
Before their eyes a host of soldiers tiered,
Of cousins, uncles, brothers, teachers, friends,
Who with familial love had been revered.

For even so are each of us at war
Within ourselves, with conflicts by the score,
The light and dark opposing qualities
Entangled in our egos heretofore.

At this Arjuna set aside his bow,
His head and heart awhirl with doubt and woe.
My Lord, You know I cannot fight my kin,
No matter if whole worlds they overthrow!

Krishna replied: Is this how courage dies?
What warrior’s words are these that agonize!
Cast off such weakness! Lift your heart in strength!
Arjuna, Scorcher of All Foes, arise!