Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Title Is Not Important

Really, a poem is so short,
They can just read it.
No need for a title to say what it’s about.
“Sonnet 53b” is plenty, if you must.

A sonnet, though, that’s a laugh!
Haven’t we outgrown that
in the last few centuries?

“I got rhythm,
I got meter,
I got an outmoded system of poetic confinement
that suppresses my creativity.”
Just line things up
against the left
or down the middle.
Close enough.

Those rhymes can go, too.
What is this,

And while you’re at it,
don’t stress out too much
about meaning.
Eye of the beholder and all that.
Everyone will read
something different into it,
so no worries if you
don’t quite get it sorted out.

Now feeling, though, that’s the ticket!
Get some good, ol’ fashioned emotion
going through this stuff.
Express yourself!
That’s how —
Hold on...

where’d it go?

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