Saturday, April 22, 2023

Bhagavad Gita Rubaiyat, part XVIII

Immerse your consciousness in Me alone,
Let all distracting thoughts be overthrown.
Without a doubt, then, you shall come to Me,
And sit beside Me on the cosmic throne.

If you cannot absorb your thoughts in Me,
O Dhananjay, take heart from My decree:
By yoga practice train both heart and mind,
The path of these techniques will set you free.

And yet, if in this sanctified technique
You falter, finding resolution weak,
Perform your outward acts in thought of Me—
You will attain the victory you seek.

If even this you cannot yet achieve,
Then do not be downcast or disbelieve,
But offer Me your failures and your hopes,
And still my devotee I will receive.

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